About Us

Discover the dedicated team and passion behind Multi Centre Holidays Italy, where we meticulously craft and curate your unforgettable Italian adventures.

Hello, I'm Simona, the proud manager of Multi Centre Holidays Italy.

In a short span, we’ve become one of the fastest-growing Multi Centre Holiday companies in Europe. Our passion? Italy. 

A country that, with its diverse regions, offers boundless opportunities for activities and experiences. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the canals of Venice, every corner of Italy has a story to tell and a memory to create.

Tuscan countryside stone house with orange three-wheeled pick-up scooter, tall cypress trees, and sunset light flooding distant rolling hills
Tuscan sunsets, where golden hues kiss the cypress-lined horizons

Having successfully organized various types of holidays in other European countries, expanding our expertise to Italy was a natural progression. This move allowed us to open the doors of Italy’s rich culture, history, and beauty to even more travelers. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed holiday or an action-packed adventure, we’ve got you covered.

Meet Our Team

Our team is the heart of Multi Centre Holidays Italy. Comprising enthusiastic individuals, each one of us is an avid city-hopper with a penchant for sightseeing and exploring new horizons. We’ve traversed alleyways, climbed towers, and sailed canals. 

And our mission? To ensure you do the same, soaking in as much beauty and experience as we have.

gondolas at dusk
Discover Venice’s hidden alleys, where romance and mystery intertwine

How do we ensure you have an unforgettable holiday? We handle the nitty-gritty. From booking the perfect accommodations to crafting detailed itineraries, we’ve got it all mapped out. And should you ever need us, our 24/7 support is just a call away.

Discover Italy with Us

Dive into the diverse offerings of Italy with our multi centre holiday packages in Italy. Whether you’re keen on exploring the art-laden streets of Florence, the historic ruins of Rome, or the serene landscapes of the Amalfi Coast, our packages promise a unique blend of experiences tailored to your interests.

Let the magic of Italy unfold as you journey through its cities and countryside. 

With us, you’re creating a mosaic of memories that will last a lifetime. Explore our range of offerings and embark on your Italian adventure today.

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In addition to our multi centre holidays, we invite you to explore a range of other Italian experiences offered by our partner brands. 

Explore Italy's finest by joining our multi centre holidays, visiting iconic destinations, and getting unmatched support in one seamless journey.
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